Verizon Launches Verizon Unlimited For $80 Per Month

The wireless communication sector is highly competitive, thanks to the increasing demand. Mobile users and subscribers have become increasingly data hungry due to the expansion of social networks and other apps. Various mobile carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T have already launched unlimited data plans. Now, Verizon has also joined the bandwagon as it introduces Verizon Unlimited with unlimited data, texting and talking plans starting at $80 per month per line. Families can enjoy Unlimited plan for four devices through the group plan that costs $45 per line. In the group plan, the addition of new devices after the first four devices will cost $20 per line for up to ten lines.

Unlimited data plans are long awaited by the experts as users share more photos and videos using their mobile devices. The wireless networks have become feasible due to the growing subscriber numbers. The improvements in networking technology have reduced the cost of delivering data by almost 50%.

Verizon has carefully analyzed the market before launching its unlimited plan. The proposed Verizon Unlimited provides unlimited data usage on smartphones and tablets at LTE speeds up to 22GB. After that limit, the speed will be downgraded to 3G. Unlike T-Mobile or Sprint, Verizon has promised high-resolution videos at no extra charge. Moreover, Verizon subscribers can also get 10GB of mobile hotspot usage. They can also enjoy unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico. It also includes 500MB per day of LTE data in Mexico and Canada. Outside of North America, the same features can be enjoyed for $10 per day.

Technically, even though the plan is unlimited, LTE speeds can only be enjoyed up to 22GB. However, this is not new because other carriers also impose similar restrictions on the capacity of LTE speed data. Verizon had unlimited plan launched long back, but it was withdrawn in 2011 as mobile data became more expensive for the carriers. Now that the demand for data has increased among heavy users, several mobile carriers have re-launched unlimited plans.

T Mobile has dropped its tiered data plan after the introduction of the unlimited plan. Verizon has however retained the older data plans to allow the subscribers the flexibility they require. The current focus is to provide a fast data speed for data-heavy users who don’t want to spend a lot of money. The unlimited plan from T-Mobile is cheaper costing $70 per month, while AT&T plan is costlier starting at $100. AT&T provides unlimited plan only for those subscribers who pay for DirecTV or U-Verse.

Even though Verizon Unlimited is slightly expensive compared to its competitors, it has several desirable features. HD videos are a great advantage, even though it is not clear whether the videos will have a 720p resolution. The older S, M and L plans are also in place for those who don’t use the data heavily. The starting plan costs $35 per month and it provides 2GB of LTE data. According to the official announcement, the Unlimited plan is an introductory plan and so, users can expect more features soon.